• UESCA certified Ultrarunning Coach
  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Colleen Smith is a UESCA certified Ultrarunning coach, and clinical mental health counselor. Colleen has been running for the last 11 years. She discovered a love for running when she began losing weight after having her first daughter, 12 years ago. In that process she lost over 100 pounds and overcame many challenges. Colleen started running a couch to 5K program and fell in love with racing.  She quickly qualified for the Boston Marathon, and has since run the race 3 times.

 After finding a local running group the Trail Animals Colleen discovered ultras, and a whole new world of running. Since then she started running 50 and 100 mile races. Her favorite distance is the 100, she loves collecting belt buckles and continues to pursue the Western States lottery. When Colleen is not running she can be found hiking in the White Mountains and camping with her family. 

During her journey Colleen’s life transformed. She left her management career and became a personal trainer and gym manager working with women. As she got married and started her family she decided she wanted to help in more ways and left the gym to pursue her education and raise her children. 

Running has helped Colleen battle postpartum depression and anxiety. Colleen currently enjoys working as a mental health counselor and continuing to inspire others through her own journey with mental health. Colleen has six children, and has run throughout pregnancies and breastfeeding. She enjoys helping other moms on their fitness journeys, and new runners!