Though we pride ourselves on our personalized one on one run coaching, we also wanted to provide a basic, training plans for those who prefer to be self guided, do not need a detailed plan, or who simply aren’t ready for the commitment of working with a coach.   While the benefits of working with a coach are invaluable, believe us, we understand it’s not for everyone, or may simply not be financially feasible. 

The following training plans were written by Coach Heather Hart, ACSM EP-C. These plans were designed to help you successfully reach the finish line of your desired race distance.  We highly encourage you to read the full posts that accompany each training plan, as they go into greater detail about how each plan works, base mileage required before starting the plan, and other important details.

As always, if you need  – or want – more specific help, our team of coaches would be more than happy to discuss the possibility of one-on-one coaching to give you a more detailed outline and support to reach your specific running goals.   

Ultramarathon Training Plans

Beginner 50K Training Plan (24 weeks)

50 Mile Training Plan (24 weeks)

100K Training Plan (24 weeks)

100 Mile Training Plan (24 & 28 week options)

Adventure Race Training Plans

Sprint Adventure Race Training Plan for Beginners (3-6 Hour Event)

8-12 Hour Adventure Race Training Plan