• UESCA certified Ultrarunning Coach

Brian Passenti has been involved in endurance sports for nearly four decades. From sprint to Ironman distance triathlons, 1 mile to 240+ mile foot races, he has experience with all of these and everything in between. His extensive coaching history brings a wide range of experience to the Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching team. 

Brian has coached Juniors Track and Field, High School Cross Country, Adult Fitness classes, youth sports teams and athletes of all ability and disciplines. Brian is currently certified through United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA) as an Ultrarunning Coach. He specializes in beginner to intermediate athletes that desire to enter into the ultra running distances. 

Brian began racing ultramarathons in 2010, and has an impressive racing resume, including 6 Leadville 100 run finishes, 1 Leadman Challenge finish, a 2020 Moab 240 Endurance Run finish, a 2017 Desert RATS Kokopelli stage race overall win, Ouray 50 mile finish, and countless other ultras. 

What we love the most about Brian is his willingness to help runners understand how to balance their training with the rest of life, while creating a fun and educational experience for his clients.  As a husband and father himself, Brian understands the physical and emotional demands the majority of us non-elite runners face.